India to set up electronic air cargo processing system to boost efficiency

THE Indian government plans to develop an air cargo community system through a public private partnership, in a bid to lower costs and improve the efficiency of processing airfreight.

A report by an Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation committee said that it backed having a single window system for the air cargo community to interface with Indian Customs systems to facilitate the "seamless movement of goods and information," reported London's Air Cargo News.

Ministry of Civil Aviation senior advisor Renu Singh Parmar said: "Each air cargo shipment on average carries around 30 types of documents and well over 100 copies, thus resulting in significant documentation overheads, increased dwell times and supply chain opaqueness."

He said the electronic platform will eliminate duplicate data entry, reducing unnecessary paperwork by giving authorised access to data to the relevant supply chain stakeholder, and bring in supply chain visibility "thereby reducing inventory and other transaction costs related to air cargo movement."

"The information exchange is many-to-many resulting in complex/duplicate processes," the report added. "Further, there is a lack of uniformity for message interface, a lack of data harmonisation, and a lack of end-to-end tracking."